Monday, April 29, 2013

Orchid Colours

The best thing about orchid flowers are the array of colours and varieties available for any kind of occasion. Most notably, orchid flowers are often chosen by the bride and bridegroom to adorn the main table and the reception area. While it is true that orchids can be used virtually anywhere during a wedding celebration, it is mainly used as wedding bouquets and as centerpieces at the wedding table.

Why Do Orchids Make Such Lovely Wedding Bouquets?

One of the main reasons why orchid flowers are a sure favourite with regards to bouquets for a wedding is its colour. You will find that most wedding bouquets containing orchids would have a shade of white or near white in them. Colour is everything when it comes to a wedding, and is often the central theme. Another reason why orchids are a sure favourite is its scent. Bear in mind that bouquets are often held close to the bride's nose which is why not just any old flower will do, but an orchid. The soft scent that it gives off makes it ideal as a wedding bouquet.

When you think of the variety of colours present in orchids, you cannot help but think of the meaning of flowers in general. Roses resembles love, daisies and lilacs mean innocence, blue hydrangeas stands for friendship, while orchid would resemble beauty

Every wedding couple wants to show their guest how wonderful and beautiful their relationship is, and what better way to demonstrate this than using colourful orchids.

Orchids as Table Centerpieces

Besides wedding bouquets, orchids are used to design table centerpieces. While some might be concerned about allergies, they need not be too worried as orchids gives of a pleasant welcoming smell.

There are several reasons why they are the preferred choice as table centerpieces:

  • Orchids prove to be tough flowers and are great for use during summertime due to being resilient against loss of moisture and heat

  • Found all year long, orchids can be depended on for use in centerpieces

  • Just their height alone make orchid plants the ideal flower to use for table centerpieces

It might be a good idea for wedding couples to purchase orchids in bulk seeing that it will be used as centerpieces and as wedding bouquet. Any left over orchids can be put to use for decorating purposes both at church and at the reception hall. The soft colours of orchids make it the ideal way to decorate the entrance hall of at your wedding reception as it will serve a useful purpose in making guests feel right at home.

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