Friday, April 12, 2013

Planting Orchid at Your Backyard

Who would have thought that you could grow orchids in your backyard. You can start out by making your selection from some of the varieties that are not as fussy, and that can easily adapt to the growing environment that you have available in your garden. Some of these are seen to be very rare, and consist of the second largest family among flowering plants. The leaves of some of the orchids suitable for planting in your back garden would be like blades of grass or even like the foliage of irises and lilies.

The key to growing orchids in your backyard would be to observe its habitat in the wild and then foster similar conditions at home. Some of the orchids would originate from the acidic Cedar bogs from the North to the Oak forests of the the South. While others could be found near Door County's limestone swales.

Gardeners are surprised to find that many of the orchids suited to their back yards would bloom in humid spots with other orchid species doing better in dry habitats. In most instances it is the pH level as well as the condition of the soil that is most important to ensure proper growth. Orchids such as moccasin flower, autumn coral root and rattlesnake plantains would do well in drier habitats.

In all cases, you should take the necessary care to prepare your backyard using tree bark, cork, coconut husk chips as well as granite chips. You would even be advised to mix it with different potting media where possible. Bear in mind that most orchids prefer to grow among rocks and near trees.

In addition, you should ensure that your orchids stay clear from direct sunlight at all times. Even though most of the plants love sunlights, it should not be placed directly where it can be burnt. Gardeners are more than happy that they can experiment with different variants of orchids for the backyard.

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